Bach Mai and Cho Ray Delegate search out and proof-test Navigation and O-arm system

On 26 April 2016, NSJ Co., Ltd co-operated with Medtronic and a board of Cho Ray and Bach Mai leading doctors had a business trip to Thai Land to search out and proof-test O-arm-Surgical Imaging System that is designed to meet the workflow demand of surgical environment. It can be used in variety of procedures including spine, cranial, and orthopedics.


Dr.Kim Chung, Neurosurgery Division, Cho Ray hospital used  Medtronic Biospy Needle

On 27 July, the 11 doctor-delegate and Medtronic experts visited the lab and tested O-arm and navigation system. On the same day, at Bumrungrad hospital, Cho Ray and Bach Mai hospital doctors participated to make a surgery by O-arm and Navigation technology.

các-BS-CR-sử-dụng-dụng-cụ-bắt-vít-cột-sốngChơ Ray doctors used screwdriver 


Dr.Kim Chung, Neurosurgery Division, Cho Ray hospital performed the surgery by Navigation system 

In the Delegate, there are 2 vice head of  Neurosurgeon department and Orthopedics department from Cho Ray and 3 doctors, Head of Traumatology and Orthopedics and 5 doctors.


Bach Mai and Cho Ray took a photo wiht Eddie - Medtronic Product Secialist